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Did you know that the environment in which you live—the people you meet, your state, county, town and your country—have a profound influence on the way you handle the heavenly kingdom? A converted into a child like state person sees the Kingdom and also enters it. A born again person sees and then also enters the kingdom. These were the hints Jesus left for us to grasp them individually. But there is also the birth of God’s love and His light. We are in the final stages of formation.

It is very interesting to realize that after reformation comes a brand new formation. Prior to birth the final positioning of a baby (head first) in the mother’s womb has to do with the final challenge to our spiritual progress. At the time of dealing with this new revelation I received a call and I was asked to pray for a young pregnant lady. The umbilical cord was wrapped around the baby’s neck asphyxiating the baby. The heartbeat was already fainting. The perplexed mother met my helper who told her about me. The doctors decided to operate soon after the baby dies and that was not a pretty picture, which they have painted for the expectant mother. But I know the God of life. I can’t count how many unborn even dead babies and children I have healed through the power of knowledge divine. Two examples are very plain. Even a goat’s baby should not be thrown into her milk and boiled (Ex. 23:19; 34:23) God has superabundant mercy on all about-to-be born creatures, not only humans, but all newborns. Regarding a mother bird God said, ‘you are allowed take her eggs or babies, but not the mother together with eggs or her babies (Dt. 22:6-7). Life, sustained by godly mercy must continue. Just knowing this alone opens the gates of God’s faith in you. The supernatural becomes as natural as eating bread. So I said to the lady that this very moment the baby turns in her belly and precisely at that moment the baby turned inside her. I told her to go to the doctor and be examined again. Lo and behold the baby’s umbilical cord was untied and the heart rate became normal. On December 17th 2012 the mother gave birth to a healthy baby.

Not so long ago a lady came to me directly from a clink. “My baby is dead.” She wept. “I must be operated.” And then she looked at me. I was a complete stranger to her. (But God loves pregnant mothers, even if they have conceived after being raped or have fornicated.) God’s mercy for new life is enormous. I touched her belly and spoke to the dead child to come to life. Yes, I have removed death from her womb, in Jesus’ name, and spoke life. Next year in the same church she came with the once dead baby, but now alive in her arms with tears of joy streaming down her face. Elated she told me about her experience. When I called for life the baby in her started to kick. She went to the Clinic. Low and behold the baby was alive and healthy; it was not brain damaged for in God time does not exists. So, snap out from your fleshly limitations my friend.  

In Erlangen Germany an African lady came to one of my meetings telling me that she wants to get pregnant, but she was operated and both of her ovaries have been removed and that she had no uterus anymore. I asked her if she has that intense desire to become a mother. She said that it is overwhelmingly so. “In that case, I see that this is God’s desire planted in you.” – I said and laid hands on her prophesying supernatural pregnancy and birth. Next year in the same place there comes the smiling lady with a baby stroller. Without hesitation she said to all present how the man of God prophesied over her in that place and how she supernaturally conceived and bore a child. She took her baby out of the stroller and showed it to all.

All these miracles are only tokens of God’s love for life on this planet. After so many wars and bloodshed God finally gave man over to what he wanted—death. We have been sealed with this dreadful finality since birth, yet we come by grace into this world and we live by the same grace. We brought nothing that we can possess and take with us after this dreadful finality strikes. Science has settled for us its own subjective truth for it studies only the tangible and visible but not the perceivable. So man has decided that all must die either of an old age or through sickness, but that’s not what the Creator had in mind when He made us. He did not force us into anything, so man took it for granted. ‘Since I am not programmed to tick as God wants me to; and He is so gentle and kind; then He must not exist’—and there resides the exploitable doubt—for according to a warlike tough and thick-skinned creature called Homo sapiens God is too soft.  

I was called to anoint a man with oil and lay hands on him. I went to visit him and the Lord touched him. We spoke about how thousands of people have already disappeared. Some say that this is the work Satan, who—according to their theology—is a thief and robber who I supposes ‘stole their marbles’. Others say that it’s an alien abduction, which is easier to believe than in the Creator of all things and His laws that govern not only this planet, but also our lives. He also shared with me testimonies of people being supernaturally transported like Evangelist Philip was (Acts 8:39). When you are not familiar with His laws regarding life you will try to explain it through anything else that has entered you psyche for the thought of life divine has gotten too misty.

This man knows the supernatural works of God, he prays and reads the Bible, but unfortunately he’s got too much religion in him; so he fears and says, “I try. I have tried everything, I believe… but nothing happens.” How can I snap him out of his own ‘believing’ and bring him to the state of faith receiving? How can I open him up—as a vessel that has been filled with debris of religion—to hollowness? A vessel must be emptied of self and any buildup, but the blocking debris is the spirit of religion, which is very big in America. But times are changing that’s the reason the Lord restrained me from starting a revival center in Brooklyn for then I would be too busy with people and their fragmented thinking. Trying to explain it all to each individual is not only taxing, but also frustrating. So the Lord told me to first publish the English version of the book “Truth & Illusion the Last Reformation” and then start a new chapter in New York City. The Lord reveals the sequence for He sees it all from above.      

Will you allow man to determine your future and your health? Is this light too blinding? Embrace light. Love light and let it expose all inner secrets. Let go of you, ego, me and mine. Forsake the old beaten and well tread by many paths. There is a path God has prepared but only for you. You are not a groupie to be herded like cattle into a slaughterhouse; in this case this slaughterhouse is the preached by many a brainwashing indoctrination of the inevitable. Just because we see people dying does not mean that it is for us all. Just because people are dying from cancer does not mean that this is the status quo for all. We do not know what causes cancer and what sort of a life those cancer-stricken people have led; what they have inherited from their family tree; and what fruits they bore. Only God knows. Do not compare yourself with anyone for you are unique. Stay that way. Independence is very healthy. 

Just as I am the light so are you. I ignite your flame and you turn up the knob until your light becomes ever brighter, that’s how it works. When you drill down into the earth’s core you will eventually hit extremely bright light, but through your boring you have prepared yourself for the encounter; therefore it will not blind you the way it would others. You have paid the price of drilling through and thus transformed your being to the point of able to absorb that light. Light divine is never tailored to the masses, but to each individual. On the Mount of Transfiguration the light was blinding to the disciples, but not to Jesus, Elijah or Moses. The bright light Saul of Tarsus encountered on the way to Damascus was for him only, but those he was with saw the light, but did not hear nor understood the voice. (Acts 22:6-9). That’s how individual God’s ways are. Why not the entire group was allowed to hear the voice but only Saul?

Your father and mother may be dead, your sisters and brothers have also died, but you stay. Next generation comes and they do not know who you are, and most certainly not the next one either. It is not your professed and proclaimed faith that makes it happen. It is not by faith at all (like holding on to something with a stubborn-like determination), it is by growth and exploration of God’s kingdom. It’s an individual journey. No one knows where you come from, and no one knows where you go (Jn. 3:8). You do not belong to yourself anymore; you are the light and one with the same. It’s no one’s business to judge, reproach or mock you just because they don’t believe what you have actually received; as opposed to something you have convinced yourself of. It is all up to your Master. You can't ever believe too much or expect too much, it is the ‘too little’ that speaks of being fearful and therefore doubtful. God will not judge you for the ‘too-little’ He will put you in the category of the field, which He created for the seed to be sown into and in due season become fruitful.

The News is usually bad news, for good news today is no news, but when you know that when you emphasize and praise the good news you will rise like a helium-filled balloon. I praise the good. I type right now on an Apple computer, which I bought (a used one for $400) and how happy I am with it. No need for antivirus software, which only slows down your system giving you negative thoughts, because you must constantly defend yourself against hackers and attackers. Constant battles with viruses, worms, malware, attacks and hacks, which do create a state of war. I enjoy peace. Radio and TV carries news of infidelity, adulteries, divorces, embezzlements, killings, mass murders, wars and terrorist attacks…  What do I need this sort of news for? So, I skip over. You can only be saved by Divine Providence from above, He who sees all things on the ground at once also watches over His beloved. No matter how many guns you may have on you; you won’t have the time to use them when terror strikes. Can you shoot against shrapnel?

Is it possible that when you stick only to the good, sublime and holy; when you happen to be in danger you are connected and see through any situation? I already have the answer and I live in this realm. 

This man I mentioned earlier told me about his guns, which includes AK 47, assault rifles, double barrel shotguns, long and short guns. A house full of weapons, My Lord! Those killing machines do not create an atmosphere of peace do they? There is a realm where bullets can’t penetrate you anymore. This friendly chap also told me that there was a man who shut several rounds of ammunition at the pastor of his church from less than ten feet away, and not one bullet had touched the servant of God. The shooter was so broken that he had kneeled before the altar and cried like a baby. Now for years this ex-assailant sits in that church with teary eyes like a church mouse. Does it have to come to this? Yet, too many take that very low route instead of the high way because they do not know any better. A blind faith in God is too abstract and inactive; we are born with it; and Jesus called it the little faith. 

You have the power, which is rooted in a choice. So drill deep until you are taken over by that glorious light for which you have drilled. Yes, God wants you to find Him, reach Him and touch Him. The secret is in the adherence to only the most glorious and beautiful thoughts and words. Please do not wait for something to fall down on you, or be divinely overpowered. Use time and words addressed to your heavenly Father in prayer, which are like diamonds on that drill.

Do not think much about the Trinity. Don’t use logic when drilling through. Be like a child. Here are few examples: ‘Merciful Father, thank you for your endless mercies in my life. There is only one life and I am a part of your life. Wonderful. Glorious…’ Come up with words like love, joy, peace and address them to God etc. The gentler are your words the sharper they are. The more loving they are the hotter they are melting ice. The more precious and consecrated your words are the sooner you come to God’s presence in your life and then He comes closer to you. Remember that it is not you to whom God’s presence comes, but it is the other way around. You must reach out to God and seek Him wholeheartedly and then He comes closer to you. So close, that He gives you that feeling as if He wants to completely encompass and possess you. A comparison to embracing arms does not do any justice to that state of being; it is beyond hugs and kisses known to man a state of elation. Sometimes it’s too much in terms of being no more and not having any footing anymore. So He makes you stay for He has anointed you to serve others until they bear much fruit. Don’t be shay expressing your deepest emotions of love and devotion. Disregard all those old teachings regarding emotions, for your emotions are like the gunpowder, which ignited produce a forward force propelling anything you want to achieve.

Some time ago in the German speaking countries doctrines against feelings and emotions were propagated so much that to this day many are still bound when it coms to showing any feelings to God. As is the case at the October Fest in Bayern people where people express those bottled emotions after mugs of beer, music and dancing and other loosening activities and that—instead of God and His kingdom—became their release. That’s indeed a big waste; for the Creator did not make you to spill those seeds (of emotions) indiscriminately. And, if this is the only avenue of expression, laughter and joy then the channel has already been taken. When we come together into God’s presence we are either scared to enter or become religiously pious. Then all too quickly we jump on those Bible verses saying, tests the spirits (1Jn. 4:1), but test with what, a spirit of suspicion, prejudice or condemnation; perhaps after several mugs of beer it would go better? Do you see the point the Lord is making here? He wants you entirely in His presence. 

[Ps.16:11] In Your presence is fullness of joy in Your right hand there are pleasures forever. [Ps.21:6] You make him joyful with gladness in Your presence.

In His presence is the true joy and true pleasures. Due to lack of knowledge and experience most people have sold out their souls to only the social joy and so the real joy is not known because the original room, which God created in you, may be already taken and assigned only to birthdays, weddings or parties?

A (dead) “saint” is being buried in the ground and the appropriate thing to do is to have solemn faces, while the living are called sinners. Go figure. God told is that anything dead is unclean and anything living is clean. But is there any room still left for anything new yet as old as God’s entire creation? Yes, my dear friend, you may have been robbed. You may sense it, but seem powerless to do anything about it. So take up that diamond-studded drill and bore through dirt and debris until the robbers give up and leave your temple once and for all. 

King David had the real joy, otherwise why would he write about? He had wives and concubines, but these things he did not call joy, for it was something that was quite normal for a king. Extravagant feasts, fancy foods, drinks and entertainment, but none of them are the real thing. None of them are light, joy, exuberance and the ecstatic state of God’s presence. David’s predecessor Saul found himself amongst the prophets and got lost in God’s presence and was burning, so he stripped his clothes and lay naked (1Sam. 19:24) and then he also prophesied like the rest. Perhaps someone would come up with a declaration against it condemning this behavior as being from below and not from above, (ref. to the Berlin Declaration in 1909). But that group of 50 prophets stayed in God’s presence and inexplicable things were taking place, which for an outsider was indeed strange. Therefore, either you are an outsider or partaker of God’s glory.      

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  1. "It is very interesting to realize that after reformation comes a brand new formation. Prior to birth the final positioning of a baby (head first) in the mother’s womb has to do with the final challenge to our spiritual progress."
    This is a very great picture! Yes - head(mind)is first, that means knowledge is first, we learn what is good/evil - we learn both. The last station on this journey is to catch only THE TRUTH - only THE PLUS because life is only plus, no contrasts. All Negatives (minus - ) is not life, it robs life from us.
    Oh - this needs self discipline! I want to drill through ... Thank you dear brother!

  2. (1) - The renewal of our mind is first, but what follows is choices that we make, decisions. As much as people fill their minds with speculations and guesswork (which is rooted in ego = self importance = speculations = showing off = seducing with falsehood etc - that's the chain production of that root) so much we fill our mind with light, which is only positive plus.

    (2) - 1. When the Holy Spirit comes (Isaiah 11:2) He comes with: 2. The spirit of the fear of the LORD. 3. The spirit understanding. 4. The spirit of knowledge. 5. The spirit of wisdom. 6. The spirit of counsel. 7. The spirit of strength. That is a picture of a seraph with six wings (or Star of David). An experience of His presence is one thing, but to correctly behave in His presence is another. That's why people make blunders when it comes to the HS.

    (3) - The first (last) fruit of the Holy Spirit (Gal. 5:23) is self-discipline, but that again is possible through knowledge of the Truth.

    (4) - We know contrasts and use them but choose only the plus.

    (5) - After the practice of the plus comes brighter light - better knowledge, which brings us closer to God and His kingdom.

    (6) - Once we bathe in His Kingdom where we are watched, clothed and groomed we are about to enter the realm from which we came.

    (7) - Born of God (Spirit) and sin no more. Like Enoch.


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