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Practical applications in the supernatural for God’s children today

[Romans 8:14-16] For all who are being led by the Spirit of God, these are sons of God. For you have not received a spirit of slavery leading to fear again, but you have received a spirit of adoption as sons by which we cry out, “Abba! Father!” The Spirit Himself testifies with our spirit that we are children of God.

The key word in this scripture is Abba. Do you identify with God as your Father, and if you do then do you see Him as the heavenly Father sitting on the throne to be adored and worshiped only? Do you see God the Father as the God in Heaven only, or do you view Him as the omnipresent Spirit that can be drawn to an individual like you?

Imagine wind, which is all over the world, but in some places we have hurricanes; while at the same time somewhere else only gentle wafts; yet it is still the same wind. Knowing this we can learn how to hush threatening and destructive winds, just as Jesus did on the Sea of Galilee. Again, I do not theorize here, I used that power many times. It all comes from not only the knowledge of the truth, but its implementation.

Angels are not omnipresent but only God the Spirit; however, He is drawn to one place or another by man’s will. The River of Life the Holy Spirit gravitates to anyone that cries out to Him with an intensity of heart. When there is a group of people crying out to God the Holy Spirit then comes. I know what I am talking about, for I have done it many times. Wherever the pull is the strongest He is drawn to that place.

1. Lesson 
Before one can be led of the Spirit one must let go. This letting go means more than understanding of self. Self is an identity that stems from something physical, which can be located in time and space, anything omnipresent is not tied to a location, therefore does not have a self-identity. Having no self-identity means to be spiritual. But until we arrive at the true spirituality we must develop the God-identity by being trained in the way we process our thoughts and imaginations.

In John 5:19 Jesus said that of Himself He could do nothing, He can’t say anything wise or do any work of power. He reiterated it in verse 30 saying that on His own initiative He could do nothing. That brings us to the point of self-nullification, which is the key to be the channel for the supernatural.   

2. Lesson
When Moses was not able to speak, God used Aaron for him. Whatever God said to Moses, he then said to Aaron, and Aaron said it to the people. This unbroken chain of God’s truth contains no self for it connects heaven with earth in a supernatural way, which means Moses could not insert his own interpretation nor could Aaron. So, having God identity and not self-identity takes only a simple conversion: ‘I did not bring myself to this world, I am a sojourner in a strange land, I live by God’s grace and I will leave this planet by the same.’ Simple, isn’t it? Maintain that thinking until it becomes you.

Just as Jesus chose and surrounded Himself with simple man we must do likewise in order to channel the supernatural. Never thinking that ‘my intellectualism’ raises my social status etc. That’s just stupid and it hinders God from doing supernatural works of power in our lives.

I also seek simple people with simple childlike obedience; those who then become like Aaron passing God’s blessings to the people. I have demonstrated it in England, France, Switzerland, Germany, Holland and Belgium and in the Americas. I used little children; after instructing them as to what they should say and how they should touch those in need of healing. Then, I have sent these little boys and girls to the needy. The presence of God filled big halls, churches and tents the moment those kids did what they were told. People were instantly healed and some could not stand for the KAVOD fell and pressed them to the ground. They laughed and rolled on the ground, (in a tent in France) when they finally got up they were not only healed, but were also covered with sawdust.

The absence of self-centered thinking liberates you and then you lose the ego, which constantly craves gratification, but while it never gets fully satisfied it keeps on craving inventing smart and stupid doctrines about God and gets seduced with its own imaginary doctrine, which is nonsense. That’s our ego.

After self-nullification occurs then you will know it and then you will no longer deal with “me” and “mine” and the great “I” but with the presence, which brings us to the next lesson.

3. Lesson
You are presence, so am I. But our presence is limited to a geographical place and a time zone while God’s presence is called OMNI-Presence. However, as stated earlier, His presence is the spirit of life in diverse forms. Only we are like God and since we are here to reflect Him and be His mirrors; we must set our beings in such a way that His light can reflect, bouncing off you and on to someone else. Once you direct the mirror toward yourself, you may be annihilated by the sheer splendor of God’s glory called KAVOD. God’s Kavod is overpowering and it is a pressing down weight laden with the living water. Just as the living water can refresh the thirsty and bring healing to severely dehydrated person it can also bring devastation.

Since most people are selfish they are behind a thick wall of unbelief – to put it simply. It’s not even unbelief (much misused term) it is a complete ignorance regarding God and the supernatural. In turn this ignorance does not provide any relief from stress; for the less one knows the more stressed one becomes when it comes to the dealings with God; hence man invented religious piety to hush down any unrest.

The unwillingness to learn about God and His Kingdom and then practically apply the acquired knowledge comes from passivity, or to put it bluntly, laziness.

We apply ourselves in physical things because we must eat bread, clothe ourselves and have a roof above our heads. But when it comes to the miraculous power operating in our lives all of a sudden that old heavy veil, like a grand theater’s curtain falls down on us. One becomes incompatible with the works of God and at the same time hinders those who already are.

4. Lesson 
Self-nullification leads to a conversion into a childlike state of being. One then becomes an agent of God’s presence on earth for one is then simple and hollow. Only a hollow vessel can be filled with God and only a cylinder-like human being can channel Him. One can be not well and yet heal another. One can suffer from illnesses yet can have God’s gift of faith to instantly cure those that have suffered from the same illness.

Self plays no role and God’s vessel must keep on maintaining this mentality. In time God also heals His servant of anything that might hinder him or her in the service of the Most High. Of course, God must take care of His cylinder, conduit or pipe, just as a gun barrel must be cleaned in order to not hinder the passage of a bullet, so must we also be groomed for the service.

5. Lesson – Practical application        
This is the final lesson. When you repeat the same act of praying for others, laying on of hands and speaking health to others; you get better at it, just like that clean gun barrel, it shoots better and more accurately. Even if nothing happens and no one gets healed… yet, keep on being God’s vessel. He owns the time and the entire Universe. You have nothing to do with God’s absolute sovereignty over all of His creation; you are a speck of dust. Maintain this attitude; of being a speck of dust in your own eyes; and you will see the miraculous.

  • Never look outwardly for help but always inwardly.
  • Never be concerned with what anyone thinks or says about you.
  • Never imagine that you are doing it by your anointing, but rather by the person Holy Spirit whom you love, so when you lay hands on people or speak to them inwardly express deep love for the Holy Spirit.
  • Practice inner surrender to His will. And, regardless if something happens or not don’t think about yourself, forget about yourself by reminding yourself that you are His agent, His presence in that particular place. Thus you draw Him to the point of any need. 
  • Let go of any glorious expectations. God’s miracles are normal occurrences meant for this earth. Therefore you must always look from His point of view and not from your own subjective point of view.
  • Do not seek glory, but rather joy and share that joy with others. That inner joy is a sign of the presence of the Holy Spirit (Acts 13:52).  

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